Will Pawan Kalyan come for Ali’s show?

Will Pawan Kalyan come for Ali’s show

Telugu Cinema News: The comedian Ali is one of the best comedians in the nation and also the power star Pawan Kalyan’s friend in the industry. Their friendship started in Pawan Kalyan’s Tholi Prema movie at the beginning of his career and t is continuous since now. Ali also played in many Pawan Kalyan starrer movies. However, Ali is so close to Pawan Kalyan, as the power star has revealed many times on several occasions in the past how much he closes to him. Ali also joined the YSR party and campaigned on behalf of that party instead of Pawan’s Janasena party. 

Will Pawan Kalyan come for Ali’s show
Will Pawan Kalyan come for Ali’s show

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But Pawan did not like that and he opened up about this and shared his feelings about his dissatisfaction with the work done by Ali. Then Ali replied that there was some distance between the two at that time but both are reuniting now. In an interview, Ali spoke positively about his friend Pawan Kalyan and clarified that he did not act in the last two movies of Pawan Kalyan because there were no scenes of comedy and scope for comedy. Those movies are serious and there is no other comedian in those movies. Additionally, he will definitely play the role in Pawan’s next movie there is no gap between them. 

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Furthermore, Ali also said, that there are chances of Pawan Kalyan that can participate in the show, Ali tho saradaga, which Ali is going to host. He further clarified that he could not bring his friend to this show so far, but soon there will definitely be an episode with him.

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